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AD9739A Clocking

Question asked by JaeKyung on Apr 25, 2013
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I made PLL Module using ADF4350 and DAC Module using ADCLK914 and AD9739A.


Because PLL Module and DAC Module is so far way, I use ADCLK914 for clock restoration.


DAC Module is work. It is good.



Now, I will revision DAC Module to include ADF4350.


Before revision, I tested two case.


1. Cabling ADF4350 out pins to ADCLK914 input pins. (ADCLK914 out pins and AD9739A dac clock pins connect)

2. Disconnect between ADCLK914 and AD9739A, Cabling ADF4350 out pins to AD9739A dac clock pins.


1 is not different but, check to Cable status.


By Figure 174 in the AD9739A datasheet, I think both case are work well or both case aren't work.


But case 1 work well, case 2 don't


Case 2 is Mu lock and Rx data lock. But output is poor.



Can you some advise solution to this case?