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BF518 with LPSDRAM from BF528Ezkit

Question asked by on Apr 25, 2013
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I'm currently designing a custom board with a BF518 and mobile SDRAM for a low power application.

I wanted to use the micron MT48H32M16 mobile SDRAM, as it is used in the BF526 EZ-KIT - at 1.8V.


The question is now whether I can assume the BF52x EBIU to be the same as the BF51x - and therefore the setup from the 526 Ez-Kit to be a good design example for this application?


Another thing I wondered and what I'd like to have confirmed is the voltage level on Vddmem and Vddext - currently I'd go for 1.8V for the memory and 3.3V for the general purpose IO - as I'm not planning to use the other functions of the EBIU, this should be no problem, right?


The comment from the Datasheet:

Pins/balls that use VDDMEM are DATA15–0, ADDR19–1, ABE1–0, ARE, AWE, AMS1–0, SA10, SWE, SCAS, CLKOUT, SRAS, SMS, SCKE. These pins/balls are not tolerant

to voltages higher than VDDMEM. When using any of the asynchronous memory signals AMS3–2, ARDY, or AOE VDDMEM and VDDEXT must be shorted externally


Thank you very much!

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