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Issue with Ignore-Flag and Byte Count in Block Header

Question asked by ThomasDlr on Apr 24, 2013
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my question is about the flags in a Block Header of a bootstream:

The HRM of the BF52x says on page 17-28, in the table about the BFLAG_IGNORE, that the numbers of bytes in BYTE_COUNT instructs the boot kernel to skip these bytes in the boot stream (modifies the source adress pointer). I will use this to load some data from Flash to L1 memory during booting und to do something with that data in my initsection. (booting mode 0011 (boot from serial spi memory))


But it actually doesnt work. My Blackfin ends up with an EMU Exception when I debug my bootstream.


If I open my ldr-File with ldrviewer an error message is shown "Error in bootstream.ldr. Cannot proceed".

I think the viewer is confused of the BYTE_COUNT-Filed in Header of the Block with the Ignore-Flag.


Anybody any idea what I'm doing wrong?


Thanks in advance,