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flash the u-boot in ubuntu

Question asked by 王观峰 on Apr 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2013 by Aaronwu

really thanks.....what you write for me is very detailed.....thanks again.but for me ,what really worry me is how to flash the u-boot-para in board...i need these details. For example ,when i flash,the switch 2  point position 1? baudrate 57600 8n1 ?

  I really do as you say ."  here is my fact as follow:

hardware: blkfin 609,usb-serial 2.0 cable to my ubuntu host; the switch 2 position is 2(1 also tried)

software: ldr-utils is ok; the u-boot is para-u-boot from where you write;

when i flash as the command"bfin-uclinux-ldr -l /tftpboot/u-boot.ldr /dev/ttyS1 && kermit -l /dev/ttyS1 -b 57600 -C connect"   always error as follow:


opening /dev/ttyS1  ok

configuring terminal I/O ok

trying to send autobaud  ok

try to read autobaud  .....bfin-elf-ldr:received signal 14: timeout while sending ; aborting


where the problem comes from......



i need these details.....thanks