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How to keep ADV7612's Mclk / LRclk / Sclk still output when HDMI source timing change?

Question asked by Sam.S on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by vito


     Our customer are use ADV7612 + Cirrus Logic audio codec CS4334 in their platform, and found a problem that when HDMI source timing change, ADV7612 Mclk / LRclk / Sclk will stop output, and then CS4334 will generate a pop noise due to audio codec PLL lose locked. Have any method can let ADV7612 Mclk / LRclk / Sclk still keep output when HDMI source timing change?


     Our customer have another project use MSTAR HDMI Rx solution + CS4334, they found when HDMI source have timing change, but MSTAR HDMI Rx can still output stable Mclk / LRclk / Sclk to keep CS4334 PLL work well to avoid pop noise issue,


Have any idea or comments for me to fix this issue?


HDMI map R0x13 (Audio Coast Mask) value are 0x7F now, but is seem no effect, any registers should check or verify?


Thank you!