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Question asked by R.D. on Apr 23, 2013
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I am currently using ADRF6806 eval board.

My RF input is 144.5MHz, and an LO of 140MHz.  When I measure the Single-ended baseband output of the balun at the power meter taken at different input level, I get the following values:


@ -10dBm input ----  output level = -19.34dBm
@  0 dBm input ----  output level = -9.4 dBm


I just can't determine the origin of this values since I was just expecting an output of -9 and 1dBm, or a value closer, for an input of -10 and 0dBm respectively.


The instruments that I use are very well calibrated before the measurement is done.

What might be the possible problem?