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Are there SDK project for ZC706?

Question asked by Aaron's on Apr 23, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by Aaron's

I have got a zc706 for the FMCOMMS1 board. I downloaded the fpgahdl design and the non-os reference sw design. I found that there aren't SDK directory below the cf_xcomm_zc706. I have managed to make a SDK project based on the SDK project of zc702. I got a downloadable elf file finally. I run it and it returned information "XCOMM Init I2C Failed!". I have change the carrierBoard from ML605 to ZC702. Since I'am a newbie for the EDK. I can't overcome this problem. Are there reference software project for the ZC706? Another problem , when the FMCOMMS1 running , I can feel the board is very hot, especially the AD9548. If I place my hand on it .  my hand burns. I am not sure if it works normally. Can you give some help? Thanks and best Regards.