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Power Dissipation BF504F

Question asked by mDan on Apr 23, 2013
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I'm developing new electronics with a Blackfin BF504F. This electronic will be used in an environment which has about 70°C. I'm trying to find out the power dissipation for the BF504F but can't find a table like in the BF533 datasheet (Table 14, Table 15, Static Current @ various temperatures). For the BF504F I only can find the static current table for sleep mode. Is there a table for the BF504F just like the one for the BF533 - or if not, can you tell me how to calculate the Maximum Power Dissipation for the BF504F (running 1,4V, 400Mhz, 70°C). The data sheet says something like:

Table 18 +

(Table 19 × ASF) +

(.16 × VDDINT × fSCLK)


But I don't know what to do with that information (summing tables?!).

Or would that be:

7.7mA (1,4V, 70°C) + 92,39mA (400Mhz, 1,4V - what's ASF? I assumed this to be 1) + 0,16*1,4V*400MHz = 189,69 mA

That doesn't sound like a realistic value, because the BF533 tends to use much more current @70° than on 25° e.g. - according to this formula the BF504F would only need 4mA more @70°C than @25°C.


Hope somebody can help me :-)?