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Multiple AD9122 DAC NCO Synchronization

Question asked by arvabj on Apr 22, 2013
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We would like to use multiple AD9122 devices which are synchronized within the DACCLK. Also we need relative phase difference between multiple DAC outputs to be constant when the internal NCO is engaged. The datasheet discusses the multi-chip synchronization concept using DACCLK and SYNC inputs. We plan to use the same. But how do we make sure the NCO is updated between multiple DACs at the same time ? I am not sure if SPI initiated update will work.


For example the AD9142 has the option for "Frame Initiated NCO Reset" . Does AD9122 have the same/ similar option ? I did see register 0x36 with the "FRAME FTW request" option. But it is not discussed much in the datasheet.


Would highly appreciate some inputs on this.