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ADXL345 gives 0xFF as device id, output data

Question asked by on Apr 22, 2013
Latest reply on May 2, 2013 by neilzhao

Hi everyone,


I'm using ADXL345 for a tilt-sensing application. I'm using the SDP-B controller board which is based on the Blackfin processor BF527. I'm trying to establish an 4-wire SPI comm interface between the SDP-B and the ADXL345. I'm using the following settings:



SPI Serial CLK = 300000 (300 KHz)

SPI Clock Polarity = 1

SPI Clock Phase = 1

Frame frequency = 0

Word size = 16


Data_Format register = 0x00  =>  Range:- 2g ;; Resolution:- 10-bit (fixed) ;;

Power_Control register = 0x08 => Switching to measurement mode from Standby mode after programming the Data_Format register.


Now, after all this, when i read the Device ID (0xE5) register of the ADXL345, i get 0xFF. Following is the C++ code for this operation:

//Reading device ID register(0x00) and verifying if its 0xE5

array<uInt16>^devid_addr = { 0x8000 };

array<uInt16>^devid_data = { 0x0000 };

spi_adxl345->writeReadU16(devid_addr, 1, devid_data);

(devid_data[0]) = (devid_data[0]) & 0x00FF ;

printf("INFO: Accelerometer-device-ID = 0x%x \n", devid_data[0]);

if( devid_data[0] == 0x00E5 )

    printf("INFO: ADXL345 connected \n");


    printf("INFO: Error in ADXL345 \n");


After this, when i try to read the three axes (x,y,z) data, I either get a 0x00(less frequently) or a 0xFF(more frequently) for each of the 6 registers: datax0, datax1, datay0, datay1, dataz0, dataz1. I have tried it infinitely many times and the result turns out be the same.


Can someone please help me out here? What is the reason for the 0xFF, 0x00 i keep getting from every register i try to read?


Thank you in advance.



Sai Prasanth.