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FIFO data of ADV212 are all zeros

Question asked by BillLiu on Apr 22, 2013
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I am using ADV212 to compress video. The input video format is PAL 4:2:2. The work mode of ADV212 is 32-bit Normal Host. Now I checked the firmwar ID is 0xFF82. After I set EIRQFLG to 0xFFFF to begin encoding, I found sometimes the data in FIFO are right, which begin with 0xFFFFFFF1 or 0xFFFFFFF0. But on the other times, the data are all zeros! I'm sure I have set the code threshold 64 words and the interrupt has generated. No matter the data are right or wrong, before I read the FIFO, the value of EIRQFLG is 0xd. I think the working of ADV212 is not stable, but I don't know why. Can you help me?


The encode parameters are:


reg32_adv212_iaddr = 0x00057F00;

reg32_adv212_idata = 0x01000503;

reg32_adv212_idata = 0x01000000;

reg32_adv212_idata = 0x02000500;

reg32_adv212_idata = 0x00410002;