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Question 0x04[5:4] of ADV7180

Question asked by kamei Employee on Apr 21, 2013



I would like to confirm the register function 0x04[5:4] of ADV7180.


As we know, our recommendation register setting, address 0x04 is set 0x57 ( 0101 0111 ).

It means 0x04[5:4]= 01.


But at our datsheet of ADV7180, these bits are mentioned as "reserved" bit.

So, I would like to know if we need to set these bits "01" as our recommendation.


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I got some feedback from our design team. So, I share it in the forum as below.


These two bits are unused.

However they do go into the I2C state machine, so if you write to them,

they will read back what you wrote but they do not connect to anything.