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SigmaStudio under Win 7 X64

Question asked by rszemeti on Apr 20, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2013 by BrettG



Running SS 3.8 under Win XP with USBi drivers, it all works as expected.


On my laptop, running Win 7 X64, with the x64 CyUSB driver installed from the AnalogDevices directory, it doesnt.


When I plug the device in, I first get the USBi icon on the hardware screen changing state to light orange, and the device appears functional. I can turn the device power on/off for example.


When I hit F7, it says "active downloaded" with the usual green bar .. then a little while later, "comms failed" .. but the bar stays green.  I suspect the "active downloaded"  as the device never achieves a functional signal path.


The schematic is one that was developed without problem on my desktop, under XP, so no issues there.


Did I miss something obvious?