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ADV3002, Audio Problem

Question asked by rleopold on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2013 by rleopold

We have a design that uses the ADV3002 to select one of three HDMI sources.  Sometimes when we switch between the sources the audio goes away.  The video seems fine.  We are running all sources at 720p60Hz.  We are using the external select lines.  I've not seen anything that defines a protocol for switching between sources.  Is there such a thing?  Does anyone have any thoughts on this?  Thank you.


Message was edited by: Roger Leopold Updated information.  The device connected to the input(s) is stopping audio transmission because of an "I2C Error".  I see I2C activity on the input of the ADV3002 but not on the output.


Message was edited by: Roger Leopold Does anyone know if the part actively drives the DDC_SCL_A/B/C/D lines?  I get activity on these "inputs" when I change the select lines but I don't think it's coming from my upstream device.