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Query regarding BF 537

Question asked by reachme09 on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2009 by reachme09

We are using Analog Device BF537 Blackfin processor (500MHz) in our product design. Currently we are in prototype testing stage.

When we got the new board we connected it to supply and checked all the supply on the Board.

The processor internal voltage was 1.2V.

We connected the JTAG cable and it was detected by the processor.

Four to five times we connected and disconnected the JTAG cable in a span of around 3 hours, suddenly the processor core voltage increased to 3.3V as the internal regulator output became 0V.

Vrout = 0V so fet was continuously ON and core voltage reached 3.3V

Now Vrout is not switching, can u please help.

Can you please suggest what may be the problem (Same thing has happened to two Prototype boards)