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Timer service usage for BF504F TMR4 output pin

Question asked by cpmullins on Apr 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by Caroll



I am trying to use the timer service files provided with CCES 1.0.1 to generate a pulse train on the TMR4 output pin of a BF504F DSP. I am enabling the timer interrupt, but it appears that the timer_interrupt() function within adi_tmr_bf5xx.c does not support TMR4.


Lines 1208 to 1212 in adi_tmr_bf5xx.c are given below:


/* timer 4 to timer 7 */
else if((pDevice->TmrID > 4u) && (pDevice->TmrID < 8u))
    StatusFieldShift = ((uint32_t)ADI_TMR_STATUS_4_TO_7 + pDevice->TmrID - 4u);


Can I fix this locally by changing line 1209 to include TmrID value 4 or is there a patch file available?