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adi_pwr service and VDDINT levels

Question asked by vix on Sep 29, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2009 by JoeT

I use the adi_pwr functions to set and change power management configuration with Blackfin (BF537 EZ-Kit, BF527 and BF533 custom boards).

Everything works fine, but when I measure the VDDINT level I find it is different from the value I set (there is a 50mV difference).


For example if I use

pwr_Result = adi_pwr_Init(Tdsp_pwr_init);

pwr_Result = adi_pwr_SetMaxFreqForVolt(ADI_PWR_VLEV_120);

both of these functions return ADI_PWR_RESULT_SUCCESS, but the VDDINT pin is at 1.15V.

If I set ADI_PWR_VLEV_120, the VDDINT pin is at 1.10V, and so on.


On the BF537 EZ-Kit, otherwise, the VDDINT pin level is 50mV higher than the value I expected.


Which is the tolerance of the VDDINT level when I use adi_pwr functions?

Is this tolerance as high as the voltage level step (50mV)?

50mV is 5% of 1V, but It's not so good if the tolerance is as high as the tuning step...