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Detect composite or s-video in ADV7802

Question asked by JoKa on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2013 by mattp

We're using a ADV7802 in one of our designs, where it is used to handle analog video from different cameras. We also need to automatically detect the video input format just based on the incoming video. Detecting different resolutions is no problem, that we have working.


The problem we have now is how do we detect the difference between composite and s-video? The camera we have in the lab now can output both composite and s-video. And in s-video it only outputs sync on the Y channel, if it had output sync's on the C channel also we could have used that to detect if it was composite or s-video (by doing manual muxing and see if we have sync's on one or two inputs).


Any ideas or tips how we could automatically detect if a composite or s-video signal is connected to the ADV802?


/Regards Johan Karlsson