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ADXL278 sensitivity change due to temperature

Question asked by marke on Apr 18, 2013
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The datasheet for this part indicates that the sensitivity variation over temperature is about +/-5% (e.g. 52.25 to 57.75 mV/g for the 35g part).


Datasheets for other parts (e.g. ADXL326) split the sensitivity variation out into a variability at 25C (in mV/g) and a sensitivity change due to temperature (in %/C). It is important for us to know the two separate specifications as they dictate what we have to do for calibration in order to meet our accuracy requirement. In the past we have always got away with calibrating out the zero offset over temperature and then the sensitivity variation at ambient (on a centrifuge). Calibrating out sensitivity variation over temperature would be difficult as it would involve putting our centrifuge in a temperature chamber or mounting a temperature chamber on the centrifuge.


Is it possible to state what the sensitivity change due to temperature is for the ADXL278? The Max value would be most useful but Typ would be acceptable.


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