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We needs compare waveform(eye pattern) of AD9889B vs  ADV7511

Question asked by aimPoint on Apr 18, 2013
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We are developing a medical display device that is long product life.
The system requires a DVI port. HDMI is not required.

I've been using the AD9889B to DVI output in the previous series.


I was check ADI web-site and found AD9889B notice. "Not Recommended for New Designs"
And, ADV7513 is recommended.

I read the change document but, waveform data had not been described.


To the description of the device changes to the client,
I am in need of wuxga(154MHz) waveform(eye pattern) of AD9889B and ADV7513 .

Could you please provide waveforms(eye patterns) of AD9889B and ADV7513 ?


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