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Simulatenous reading from CH0 and CH1 of AD7792/AD7793

Question asked by umeshwalkar on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by J.Gealon

Hi friends,


I am facing problem with AD7792/93 while reading both channels simultaneously..

When I am reading to individual channel, i get proper result.

but when i am trying to read Channel_0 reading and then for Channel_1 reading, i get result for Channel_1 for every time.


my reading procedure is---


// select channel 0 by accessing configuration register.

CS = 0  // AD7792/93 chip selected

0x10     // communication reg

0x3010  // Configuration reg, gain=1, channel=0, unipolar

CS = 1  // AD7792/93 Chip disabled


then accessing mode reg


CS = 0  // AD7792/93 chip selected

0x08  // communication reg

0x200A  // mode register, for single conversion.


now accessing data reg.


0x58  // data reg

// collecting 3 bytes

CS = 1  // AD7792/93 Chip disabled



// select channel 1 by accessing configuration register.

repeating same thing.