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can I control the parameter in this way?

Question asked by ShutianXu on Apr 18, 2013
Latest reply on May 30, 2013 by JJoseph

I notice that "generate an application LDR with schematic code and parameter embedded in it".

Q: Is it possible to generate target application LDR file with schematic 'code' and 'parameter' embedded in it?




A: It is possible to create an application LDR file with schematic 'code' and 'parameter' embedded in it. Please refer to the attached document "SigmaStudio_No_Download_Mode.pdf" for more details.


Once this LDR file is booted on to the target, the schematic processing starts. There is no need to perform 'Link-Compile-Download' from the SigmaStudio host.


Alternately this LDR can be written to the target flash. This enables the user to boot the application from the flash and work without the USB to SPI conversion hardware.



In my system,SHARC as slave,so I really wanna know if I can download this LDR file into FLASH,and modify the 'parameter' from a host?