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BF548 EBIU Asynchronous Interface

Question asked by Varun-Blackfin on Apr 18, 2013
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This is in reference to EBIU Asynchronous interface, in BF548 Hardware reference Rev. 1.2 on Page-329, it is stated that EBIU supports four modes of operation as stated:-


1. Asynchronous Mode: For devices other than flash.

2. Asynchronous Flash Mode: For write to flash device.

3. Asynchronous Page Mode: Read Access.

4. Synchronous Burst Mode: Read Access.


I have following questions related to it:


1. We cannot perform read and write to a flash device attached to any bank, because no mode supports read and write both, can read-write both be done in asynchronous mode for non-flash device?

2. I am using NAND Flash as booting and storage, what mode should i use as none of modes support flash read and write feature?

3. Timing diagrams on page-335 shows that each mode has a different timing waveform so only one mode can be used at one time?