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About  "DSP ReadBack" in sigmaStudio for sharc  firmware

Question asked by ymwlike on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by JJoseph


   DSP ReadBack in sigmastudio use,I use an external chip control ADSP21489,

1.  The detection method:  Input1-> Envelope Peak->DSP ReadBack->Output1.

                                    Input2-> Envelope Peak->DSP ReadBack->Output2...

   There are some problems but in the DSP ReadBack here.

   I used a total of four DSP Readback in my system,Read operation cycle is 50Hz or lower ,Often confusing data.

   For example, to read the value of zero or read another Readback value.

   But I use One "DSP Readback" no problem.


2. Another way is to use a Single level Detectel of reading.

Readback value but I do not know how to convert dB, No signal when the value read 0xC2340000.

What is the conversion formula?