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Memory Issues when using Simulator

Question asked by sphericalbox on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2013 by sphericalbox

Hi all,


I'm new to DSPs, but I'm working on learning more. I have a dspblok 21469 + usb from Danville Signal and the EZ-KIT Lite Version of VisualDSP++ (version 5.0, update 10.1).


I am currently using VisualDSP++ remotely, so I'm using the simulator. I've inherited this project from a coworker, and it's essentially calling some C code from assembly and the assembly code has already been written by Danville Signals (we're editing an example they gave).


I'm working on just getting the C portion of the code to work, but I keep getting a memory issue (error: *** Address supplied is invalid *** with PC at: 0x8c397). I do have many calls to malloc in the original code, so I started to track down the error. The program breaks after the second call to malloc.


Any idea why this my be happening?


I can't release my full code, but I've included a smaller project that also exhibits this behavior. Note: sample project should print "Done with call #1", and then break. And, yes, I realize there's a better way of coding the signal synthesizer which would skip the call to malloc. There are no ways to avoid malloc in my main code, so that's why it's coded that way.