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Odd JTAG behavior on ADuC 7061 - "reset" doesn't allow the timers to work...

Question asked by ThorMJ on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2013 by PatrickN

If I pull reset low through a dip switch then the timers (specifically Timer0) starts properly.

If I use Keil's RST on the debug bar, Timer0 seems to never fire (or at least not interrupt).


I patterned my board after the eval board -- namely, I didn't connect /RST to the JTAG port (I'm using Segger's Plug-Of-Nails adapter on my mIDAS Link programmer).


Q1.  How does the Keil Reset work since /RST is not connected?


Q2.  Is there a reason why interrupts (specifically Timer0, but I've had problems with the I2C interrupts as well) aren't firing properly afer a Keil-Reset -- How can I fix it to make my debugging easier?


Q3.  Should the /RST line be brought out to JTAG? -- Is it 3v3 tolerant?