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I2C Routine for Image Capture

Question asked by incubus888 on Sep 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2010 by Linou

Hi guys!


     I am new to this forum and am hoping that you could help me with my concerns. Any help will do .


     Apparently, we are working on an undergraduate thesis that requires a Micron MT9V135C to be interfaced to the Blackfin 537 processor through an AV-Extender. We need the camera to work for image capture. Now, I've read an EE note that shows how to interface a Micron MT9V022 CMOS Sensor to a Blackfin 561 processor. Specifically, I've learned that we need an I2C routine in order for the camera to communicate with the processor. Thus, I searched the Analog website and found a sample program that was similar to the one found on the EE note. Fortunately, the sample program included an I2C routine.

     However, when I browsed through the routine, I realized that most of the codes there were codes that pertain to the SCCB. I did not expect this; I was actually expecting that the codes would be designed for the TWI. Thus, I am confused and am wanting to ask these questions: (1) Are the sample programs for the I2C routine found on the Analog website enough to help me?  (2) If yes, then which among those programs could I actually use for my concern? (3) Do the codes (I2C routine and codes for image capture) vary from one processor to another, i.e., from a single processor to a dual processor?

     These are the things that I would like to know. If there are other things that I should know, then please, please tell me. All help would be greatly appreciated.