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ADuC7128 adc w/ pwm conversion type, issues!?

Question asked by ADuC7128ssd on Apr 17, 2013
Latest reply on May 1, 2013 by AudeR

I would like to inquire about how to calculate the pwm1len and pwm1com[3:1] mmr registers. I am implementing an adc with a pwm conversion type and would like to sample input frequencies that range from 1khz to 960khz. The adc is set to sample at 1MSPS in the differential conversion mode. I have set pwmcon1 = 0x01 which enables all pwm outputs and sets pwm prescaler to 2 clocks and I have set pwmcon2 = 0x80 which uses 4 clock pulses for convert start delay and enables the pwm to generate convert start signal.



from past experience I derived the following formula to calculate pwm1len---->   


               pwm freq. =   UClk   /    [  (pwm1len +1) * (delay clock pulses * prescaler clocks) ]..... where pwm1len is a 16bit mmr register.



Thanks in advance, for any helpful suggestions / answers.