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ADV7612 59.94 Hz HDMI problem

Question asked by CorentinC on Apr 17, 2013
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We have a strange problem with our ADV7612 HDMI input board :

It is working well but it doesnt' lock on the following HDMI input modes : 1080p60 @ 59.64Hz, 1080p24 @ 23.98Hz and 720p60 @ 59.94Hz

This is strange since 1080p60 @ 60Hz, 1080p24 @ 24Hz and 720p60 @ 60Hz are working fine!

This is also strange because if we configure an DVI EDID (in order to force DVI output mode from the source) these modes are working fine!

We looked at the register to see what could be wrong and it seems that this problem comes from vertical lock filter

TMDS PLL is reported locked and DE regeneration block also but not the Vertical sync filter.


Here are some register content we get (720p60)

IO register bank :

0x65 = 8E

0x6A = A9

HDMI register bank :

0x04 = 23

0x05 = B0

0x07 = 25

0x51 = 25

0x52 = 17

0x53 = 03

0x08 = 00

0x1E = 06

0x1F = 72

0x09 = 00

0x0A = FB


If you wand to have other register content, we can dump them,


Note : we are using a 27MHz crystal.


Thank you for your help