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ADuCM36x and CooCox

Question asked by Mr_M_from_G on Apr 17, 2013
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we are interested in trying out ADuC36x. For our first steps (at least) we would like to use a free GCC based toolset, preferably CooCox. Is this possible or even supported by Analog Devices ? How is the support for a JTAG programmer?

We would like to try EVAL-ADuCM360TCZ (the one with the thermocouple and a Pt100) But there is no JTAG/SWD on it and it is not described how to connect one and which can be connected. Some words on this would be greatly welcome.


Also I was looking at the examples offered on the ADuCM36x product
website. Many c-files there include a header file ADuCM360.h but this is not
included in the .zip. Where is it or how can I get it?

Thank you for any help

Best regards