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Please give some suggest for AD9910 synchronization issue.

Question asked by on Apr 17, 2013
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We use two AD9910 to do signal synchronization.


According to the data-sheet description, we want through trigger the pin of  IO_UPDATE to reset the phase accumulator, so we setting the CFR1-bit13 to "High".


The actual test phase will move, but not always in the same phase.


The attached file is our test result and some register setting as below, please give us some suggest.






CFR1reg (0x00) = 0x00016100

CFR2reg (0x01)= 0x004C0820

CFR3reg (0x02)= 0x1D3F4150

AUXDACCTLreg (0x03)= 0x00007F7F