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adv212 custom specific mode (urgent help)

Question asked by on Apr 17, 2013
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hi all

i am working with adv212 in custom specific mode using hvf signaling.

but there is a problem.

i did not use the crop_mode for encoding data at first.

i set field pin to '0' for every time.

the encode is done succesfully but in a video that i gave it, the frames are not encoded completely, that is:

frame 1 is encoded and frame 2 is bypassed and frame 3 is encoded and frame 4 is bypassed and ...



for the next time i enabled the crop mode (using vmode register) and taggled the field pin for each field but the problem was not solved. i also set field fixed to '1' and '0' for each time in different tsets. the result did not changed. it seems that ADV encodes one field and another field is bypassed.


***when i enabled the cropping mode, i set the other registers which are need such as pixel_start_ref, v0_end_ref,...

what is the problem? should i enable the crop mode? how HVF  pins should be set in this state if crop mode must be used?


please help me...

best regards.