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Install problem with new updated IIO oscilloscope app on FMCOMMS1

Question asked by jay_d on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by rgetz

   I am having a install issue with the new, April 16, IIO oscilloscope application using FMCOMMS on xc702. Once installed trying to use DASH to bring up the IIO oscilloscope it does not find the library for the FMCOMMS at /usr/local/lib/osc. Is there something that needs to be setup such a path variable in order for the IIO oscilloscope program to be able to find and load it into the panel?

   If I copy the osc build to /home/analog/osc and start it there with a local terminal window it will load the given fmcomms1 plugin into the new o-scope panel correctly.



   Second, if I run xcomm_cal and have the o-scope panel running it does not appear to update the panel FMComms1 settings to the new cal values at all; if I start the o-scope app after the running the xcomm_cal  I do get the updated eeprom cal settings showing in the new panel. Can the o-scope panel be setup to read in and update the given settings once xcomm_cal is run?


Also WIKI site for the IIO oscilloscope has not been update to follow the new application interface. Know you are all very busy updating the code, so there are several areas of the WIKI docs that are getting out of date.


To add the frequency domain mode frequencies are showing up as floating point now. Can not read them.


The new IIO oscilloscope is very nice,