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using the adau1701 in a product (MCU interface help)

Question asked by t.stern on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by BrettG

I've downloaded the MCU integration guide and tried following it, however I hit a wall rather quickly... I tried looking for additional info on the website but could not find any. I'm not a professional programmer, so some things here are less trivial for me, however I do work with micro-controllers for several years, mostly 8-bit families.


Let's say I am using some 8-bit micro (AVR for example) and I would like to have the DSP program on it for loading on start-up and also manipulate registers during run-time. The guide you offer lists a number of header and data files that are created. One of them, SigmaStudioFW.h needs to be implemented by the user. I went through the definitions but that wasn't enough. Where do I implement them? in a separate C file? From whatever reason I could find that file in the included project in the FAQ section.


Let's say I want to communicate with the DSP using I^C.

I'll take a single macro from the header file for exmaple:


#define SIGMA_WRITE_REGISTER( devAddress, address, dataLength, data )

{/*TODO: implement macro or define as function*/}


So SIGMA_WRITE_REGISTER should be defined as a function that takes the parameters as shown above and communicates with the DSP. OK, however what to do next? How do I know what communication format we're talking here and what is the command format altogether?