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AD9880 analog 2 input jitter

Question asked by FredR on Apr 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2013 by DaveD



we have been using the AD9880 on our products for many years.

We always had a crystal clear picture on the Analog #0 input.


Recently, we started using the analog #1 input for a new custom product.

We have discovered that the PLL seems to be less stable on the analog #1.

For example, a 720p60 signal shows some jitter in the acquisition but if we use a 720p75 signal, it is very stable.

For the 720p60 signal, we use a VCO value of 18 or 20 (pixel clock ~74MHz).

For the 720p75 signal, we use a VCO value of 24 (pixel clock ~96 MHz).


Any ideas ?