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AD9914 vs AD9915

Question asked by gmccardle on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by JLKeip

Is there actually any differences between the ICs of AD9914 and AD9915 parts or are they just binned?

Is the SFDR spec on the AD9915 (-57 dBc) better than the AD9914 (-50 dBc) because the clock rate is lower, or because they are manufactured differently? (i.e. Will I get the -57 dBc SFDR out of the AD9914 if I lower the clock rate to the range of the AD9915?)


The reason I ask is because I've design a board for the AD9914 and in some case will be using a lower frequency clock (~2.5 GHz), so I was wondering whether I should populate the board with the AD9915 part in that case or if I can just always populate with AD9914 to cover higher and lower clock rates.