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ADP2503/ADP2504 Efficiency Question

Question asked by Jacky-chen-2 on Apr 15, 2013
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Dear All:

I want to know ADP2503/ADP2504 If Vout fix =3.3V then Vin=2.8~5V,Iout=600mA/800mA and 1A ,this chip efficiency is how much? I check ADP2503/ADP2504 Datasheet Versin B Figure 11. your test report Iout max is 500mA, but ADP2503 Iout Maximum 600mA output,ADP2504 Iout Maximum 1A are not related data can refer. So can you provide If Iout=600mA/800mA and 1A then Vin=2.3~5.5V these data to me. thanks


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