JESD204B Survival Guide Published; Looking for Feedback

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The first edition of the “JESD204B Survival Guide” was published recently and we’d really like to get feedback on it.  Check out the “JESD204B Survival Guide” here:


The 98-page PDF book (5MB) is free – no registration required - and provides practical, technical tips and advice about implementing JESD204B along with information on interfacing high-speed data converters with FPGA platforms.  The contents include the following articles written by ADI high-speed converter engineers:


-What Is JESD204 and Why Should We Pay Attention to It

-High Speed Converter Survival Guide: Digital Data Outputs

-JESD204B vs. Serial LVDS Interface Considerations for Wideband Data Converter Applications

-Grasp the Critical Issues for a Functioning JESD204B Interface

-Synchronizing Multiple ADCs Using JESD204B

-Three Key Physical Layer (PHY) Performance Metrics for a JESD204B Transmitter

-The ABCs of Interleaved ADCs

-New, Faster JESD204B Standard for High Speed Data Converters Comes with Verification Challenges

-Interfacing FPGAs to an ADC Converter’s Digital Data Output

-14-Bit, 170 MSPS/250 MSPS, JESD204B, Dual Analog-to-Digital Converter Data Sheet


The JESD204B Survival Guide can be found here:

Please let me know what you want to see in the second edition of the “JESD204B Survival Guide” and share your ideas.