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Specifying HW connections for the ADV7511 Linux driver

Question asked by rgetz Employee on Apr 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2013 by larsc

Someone was asking by email:


The ZedBoard has a connection between the Zynq <-> ADV7511 using a right-justified video format with the input video data mapped to pins [23:8] on the ADV7511, but the IMAGEON FMC uses a left-justified video format mapped to pins [35:20] of the ADV7511.


From reading:


I assume that's just selecting the proper adv7511_input_bit_justifiction ? (BTW - the proper spelling is "justification" (missing an "a").


Is there anything else to point someone to? (when I search for "adv7511_video_input_config" in github, I don't find the analogdevicesinc repos (unless it doesn't search branches?).