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384 khz ADCs?

Question asked by Skfir on Apr 14, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by Skfir

Hello again everybody, just wanted to say that the first prototype for my assisting device for the blind, which uses scaled-down ultrasound is complete. Great many thanks to all of you who supported me with answers to my endless, often ridiculous questions. Thank you guyz a lot and a lot more.

The SigmaDSP showed itself to be a really amazing device for working with ultrasonic frequencies, and there is nothing else I could find which had an ability to built something so quickly and so efficiently. The thing is, when using ultrasound, I have to "load" the ADCs almost to the limit, since they digitize at 192khz and my working frequency is about 94. So of course the sine wave, generated on that frequency does not really look very "sinific". At the same time, really SigmaDSP is a potential king for those applications. So the question is, are you guyz planning, or at least thinking about giving the DSP an ability to digitize things at 384khz? This would really open lots of new ways for SigmaDSP, since again, nothing is better at present for ultrasonic applications, the only limiting factor here is the ADCs/DACs speed.