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Mems microphones ultrasonic response?

Question asked by Skfir on Apr 14, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by Skfir

Hello everybody! I have been designing a navigating system for the blind which uses ultrasound. It is built on Sigma DSP processor and the thing is I am looking for a good tiny mems microphone which has a decent response at 90-100Khz. I contacted AD support team and they told me that although mems microphones are designed for the audible range, some of them show good response at frequencies way higher. So my question is which of them have the best response in the frequencies mentioned above? Could you guyz please help me with that? It is just physically impossible to try all of them, so perhaps someone from the AD developers who actually tested those microphones may just tell me which of them worked the best? And perhaps give me a kind of a level at 100khz comparing to 1khz? Guyz please help, I know that all this ultrasonic thing is not very popular, but this device may really help some people at least to work around, so really really any help on the matter will be extremely good!