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Don't understand the software flow of no-OS / ADV7511_VC707 Reference Design

Question asked by deldred on Apr 13, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2013 by rejeesh

I have the Reference design running. It just displays the Xilinx- AD picture. I am now trying to make my own modifications. In this example I can't see were the DDRVideoWr() gets called. The Main.C doesn't make sense to me.I am interested in running the C file included with the cf_adv7511_vc707_edk_14_4_2013_02_05.tar.gz - cf_adv7511_vc707.c. That demo file makes complete sense to me. I would like any help with modifying the Reference Main.C or modifying the project to run the cf_adv7511_vc707.c. Any advice will be greatly accepted. Thanks.