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Digital pre-amp using SigmaDSP

Question asked by cklooi on Apr 12, 2013
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I am planning to design a digital pre-amp using SigmaDSP, this project is still under concept study.


The design spec for input and output would be as following::



- 1 Stereo audio input

- 1 Mic input



- 1 Stereo audio output + 1 subwoofer


Other rotary controls

- Rotary control for Tripple

- Rotary control for Bass

- Rotary control for Middle

- Rotary control for Balance

- For Mic:

      - Rotary control for Echo

      - Rotary control for Delay

      - Rotary control for Feedback


I am thinking to use ADAU1701 in this design. However, I am not sure if it is good enough to deal with 1 stereo audio input + 1 mic input.

Another worry is rotary controls for several parameters. It is mentioned in the datasheet that there are only 4 Aux ADCs available for the rotary control. How can I do to achieve additional rotary control?


Afterall, is ADAU1701 suitable to be considered in the project above?