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The byte size between BF518F spi and AD1934 spi

Question asked by yunchangxiao on Apr 12, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2013 by yunchangxiao

Recently, I use the BF518F to control the AD1934. I know that the AD1934's SPI port allows a microcontroller to adjust volume and many other parameters. AD1934's SPI format is similar to the Motorola SPI format except the input data-word is 24 bits wide. But BF518F's byte size is 8 bits or 16 bits. OK, this is a problem. First, I want to transmit the control data information through BF518F's spi by three times in 8bits.Second, I want to simulate the SPI transmit by the I/O port. Could you give me some hint? Thank you very much.