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What is the Address of AVARHR register in ADE7880

Question asked by sud12hir on Apr 12, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by hmani
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Hi Krisf,

I am new to this site but I do need help for ADE7880.Following I am posting the problem Im Facing

In our design we are using register of ADE7880 to calculate various parameter.For phase callibration we found the "AN-1171 Calibrating a Single-Phase Energy Meter Based on the ADE7880 by Aileen Ritchie" note where value of AVARHR register is required for phase callibration but we are unable to find any corresponding adress to acess AVARHR register . we can't avoid this phase callibration as we are using current transformer which introduces high phase errors.please Help us in finding the address of AVARHR register .