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Issue regarding the Digitizer Output pixel clock setting for Analog video

Question asked by SUVRAT on Apr 11, 2013
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I am giving analog RGB input to the digitizer (used both ADV7441A and ADV7403).

Input Video specifications are:


Format : Stanag 3350B Analog RGB (with SOG)

Hsync frequency : 15625Hz

Vsync frequency : 25Hz

Video Type : Progressive

No. of Horizontal Pixels : 512 (active + non active)

No. of Vertical lines : 625 (active + non active)


Considering these specifications, we set PLL DIV RATIO =512

and on output side we get PIXEL CLK (DATA CLK) = 8MHz

                                      HSync = 15625Hz

                                      VSync = 25Hz

Now if i change PLL DIV RATIO to 1024, PIXEL CLK will be 16MHz

What will happen to the video, will it look noisy or fine?