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ADE7763 Vrms Register reading Problem.

Question asked by Deep321 on Apr 11, 2013
Latest reply on May 28, 2013 by hmani

Hello Friends,


                      I am Using ADE7763 for reading of Vrms,IRms and Power. I have Successfully establish SPI Communication bet'n renesas MCU and ADE7763().By reading the default values of registers.


After Setting initial configuration of ADE7763, i am reading Vrms Register(0x17) at 150VAC.

But when i did not give Channel 2 Vrms Input, then i got some decimal values on the Screen.

when i give Channel 2 Input and i increase VAC input 150 -200-250, it's reading are varying but in a very small range.

but when i decrease input form 150-100-50-30, my reading are not decreasing it steady at 150VAC.


so to trouble shoot this problem i check the hardware and Channel 2 input,it is varying from minimum to maximum range till 0.5VAC(Gain = 1 at channel 2). so i think my hardware is perfect.


so please help to trouble shoot this problem.

My Initial setting to ADE7763 is as follows.


Gain register(0x0F) = 0x00

Mode Reg(0x09) = 0x000C

interrupt Enable(0x0A) = 0x0010


So please help.