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Convert the BF537 Stamp board to boot from Serial Nor Flash

Question asked by MLM on Apr 10, 2013
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The existing parallel flash 4Mbyte size is too small for our application. We need to convert to the larger serial NOR flash. The WIKI "Serial Nor Flash and U-Boot " has some information on the required modifications for the board configuration file and adds a long list of  11 "defines".  Are these simply to be inserted with "#define " in the top of the "STAMP.c" f ile?






Are the following steps correct for the hardware?

1.Switch 16 to position 3

2.Connect the flash chip to the SPI connector

PIN 6 to data on chip

PIN 8 to clock on chip

PIN 10 to select on chip

3.Then use an emulator to store U-Boot in the serial flash.....