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CF Output in 7953 and 7878

Question asked by neutrin on Apr 10, 2013
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by hmani

Hi, i found a big difference in the way CF pulses are generated in the device; i wired the 7878 as a single phase meter so that CF1 output is proportional only to phase A active power. Same thing for 7953: CF1 is proportional to channel A active power. I use current transformers as transducer and they are both connected to the same load. I set up the devices so that the equivalent meter constant is 4000 imp/kwh.

The strange behaviour happens when i switch on and off the load multiple times. It seems that when load is turned off, ADE7953 doesn't save internal pulses accumulated from the last output pulse (blink of led), so when i turn on the load again the accumulation starts from zero. The effect i see is that when i power up the load, the first blink on led connected to CF1 happens after same time, and if i switch on and off the load at frequency higher than the CF, no blink of led occurs.

ADE7878 seems to behave in the correct way infact when i switch the load the first blink happens according to how much energy was accumulated from the last blink till i switched off the load.

Is the 7953 behaviour correct? Is there a way to clear the CF pulses accumulation in 7878?

Thank you