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ADV7401 connection in SCART RGB mode and configuration for PAL square pixel

Question asked by Dmitry.Tsimbler on Apr 9, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by DaveD

Hi all,


We have a board with ADV7401 decoder and we need to config it  in the following mode:


  1. The input signal is RGB with sync on green, PAL format, 768x576 visible pixels.
  2. The output data should be  BT.656 8 bit 4:2:2 YCbCr .


The firs question is about physical connection:

In typical connection diagram of the chip (see attached file) mentioned pins AIN1,AIN2,AIN3 or

AIN7,AIN8,AIN9 as possible inputs for RGB signal. However, in datasheet manual mentioned pins

AIN1,AIN4,AIN5 or AIN2,AIN3,AIN6 as inputs of YPrPb signal which can be processed like SCART RGB 

input. The question is what is the physical pin connection should be and which pins I should config as input in

the I2C register 0x00.


The second question is about square pixel mode (768x576 visible pixels)


I know, that  ADV7401 does not support this mode as  a standard mode,
but I know that this is possible to config the CP for non-standards modes of operation

("ADV740xA Component Processor Non-Standard Video Formats" document).

In addition, I found on this forum the following possible solution:

But it is not working for me.

Do you have the exactly script for the needed configuration ?


Thanks, Dmitry.